Lyn White Reverse Therapy

"Lyn is one of the best professionals I know. She is an expert therapist as well as a warm, funny, kindly person. If you have a chance to work with Lyn then go for it!"

Dr John Eaton


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Reverse Therapist - Lyn White

Hello, my name is Lyn White.

I am a qualified and experienced Reverse Therapist. I trained in London with Dr John Eaton, the founder of Reverse Therapy UK. I am qualified to work with adults and also children and young people under 16.

I had ME for three years and used a similar process to get myself well, so I have personal experience of putting the skills I teach into practice.

Prior to having ME I worked as a staff nurse on a children’s ward. I am married with two grown sons and live in Middlesbrough.

My hobbies include running, swimming, gardening, skiing, sailing and walking – all of which I am enjoying again since my recovery from CFS/ME.  I feel fully confident in my body in a way I never thought I would be when I had ME.

I would like to teach you the skills you need so you can get yourself well too!

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I belong to a Nonviolent Communication practice group and am committed to developing my own awareness and skills in this area as well as in Reverse Therapy.  I am also interested in spiritual development and enjoy Christian meditation and reading/learning new things. 

P.S. new picture to follow - my hair now gray since lockdown and no hairdresser!!