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Dr John Eaton


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What is Reverse Therapy?

It is an educational or coaching process.

It works on the understanding that part of the brain, the hypothalamus, has set off an alarm response, the "fear, flight and fight" mechanism. As part of that response the hypothalamus sets off a series of reactions through the hormonal and nervous systems, shunting blood away from the brain, overworking the muscles, closing down digestion, disrupting the immune system and interfering with temperature and sleep control. Hence the many, varied and varying symptoms seen.

Reverse Therapy views symptoms (also sensations, feelings and emotions) as messengers from our bodymind, the body’s natural intelligence. These symptoms and emotions are sent to protect, warn and guide us in a difficult world.  

The alarm response has been generated because the messages or cues for action the body sent in response to some trigger or stressors in life have been missed or ignored.


How can it help me?

Therapists help clients to understand and tune into bodymind, so they can express and act on the messages their body sends.  When this happens the hypothalamus can return to normal function and symptoms subside. Clients then return to health - many reporting more energy after treatment than they had before the illness started.

Reverse Therapy is a highly effective treatment for those who:

  • are curious to learn something new
  • are ready to listen to what their body is saying to them
  • want to learn new ways of speaking up and taking action to meet their needs.

What Happens?

It is a talking therapy. You will work with your therapist 1:1,  by telephone or by Skype (free internet calls).

Your therapist will work with you in a supportive and encouraging way to enable you to:

  • become more aware of what your body is saying through the symptoms
  • be aware of when your busy headmind (the thinking, analytical bit of your brain) is sabotaging attempts to get your needs met
  • learn new skills to express what you feel and need to others around you
  • restore balance and variety to your life.

You get well, not when you see your therapist, but when you go away and put what you have learnt into practice. Telephone or email support is available between sessions.

Sessions are fortnightly to start with then less frequently as symptoms subside and then go. Contact Lyn now to find out more and book your first session.