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"Lyn is one of the best professionals I know. She is an expert therapist as well as a warm, funny, kindly person. If you have a chance to work with Lyn then go for it!"

Dr John Eaton


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Client Testimonials

I suffered with CFS/ME for 18 months. The illness started gradually and got progressively worse, until I was off work, unable to look after my kids or myself and was bed ridden. I had to go and stay with my parents to be looked after. My main symptoms included extreme fatigue (a feeling like being drugged), nausea and dizziness. At 43 years old I was living the life of a 90-year old. In general, I am a very positive person and strove to stave off depression by joining positive ME groups on social media, by listening to music in bed and by seeking support from friends. Despite this, I was starting to grieve for the life I had had. I felt I was now a different person with a different identity. A disabled identify. Although my GP and the NHS specialist were supportive, the advice given did not seem to work for me. Desperate to get my life back, I decided to seek private options. An internet search showed that Lyn White worked in my area. I had not heard of Reverse Therapy but decided to give it a go and four months later I was fully recovered! I was myself again! I can not tell you how thankful I am. I am now back at work, enjoying time with my family and relishing sport. My family walked up Snowdon in Wales to celebrate my sister’s birthday, and I was there with them, enjoying it to the max! 

TI  2019

I cannot recommend Lyn and Reverse Therapy highly enough.  My 15 year old daughter was so poorly with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.  Doctors could offer no treatment or solutions so, out of desperation, I looked on the Internet for ideas and came across Reverse Therapy.   I chose Lyn because she sounded so warm and positive.
I was right - Lyn was fantastic - her sessions helped my daughter to start to get herself better. From being too exhausted to go to school, she began to feel stronger and within a few weeks, she was so much improved. She is now back at school full time and we both believe this is all down to Lyn's help. I am so grateful to her and I really cannot praise her enough.

JB (parent of client)

I cannot fully express my gratitude for Lyn's coaching, which changed my life completely in such a short period of time. I was confined to bed with chronic fatigue and autonomic dyfunction when I was finally willing to give Reverse Therapy a try, after having found numerous recovery stories that credited it. I am so immensely grateful that I was desperate enough to try a therapy so vociferously rejected by the ME/CFS community, and so grateful Lyn was willing to work with me via Skype, as there were no practitioners in the western half of the U.S.

Lyn's insights and calm, confident, encouraging manner were critical to my recovery. We had five or six sessions over five months time and I am back to living my life with as much or more energy as any 51-year-old woman has. I exercise, I keep house and garden and homeschool two teenagers and am getting ready to go back to work after an eight year hiatus -- six of those years spent suffering with increasing frequency and intensity the mysterious and debilitating effects of CFS.

Lyn's wealth of personal and professional experience with other sufferers of CFS and other chronic, debilitating conditions was immensely helpful to me. Her insights, compassion and guidance turned my life completely around. I'm not sure I would ever ever have fully recovered without this targeted therapy, as I had accrued years of negative behaviors and thinking patterns that I continue to become aware of and release myself from, as they arise. When I think of the thousands and thousands of dollars I spent on medical tests, medicines, supplements, alternative health practitioners and physicians outside the health insurance system, I cannot believe I was hesitant to spent 80 pounds for an initial session with Lyn. Oh the years and the dollars I could have saved myself! I encourage anyone suffering from chronic illnesses that allopathic medicine is at a loss to deal with to read the many, many testimonials to the effectiveness of Reverse Therapy and give yourself the simple, profound, and life-changing gift of giving it a try.

Sue Sullivan,
Fort Collins, Colorado

Our son was 15 and had had ME/CFS for 3 years when we first heard of Reverse Therapy, by chance through a teacher at his school. I went to the first session with him and was immediately reassured by Lyn's understanding approach and our son was happy to talk to her on his own. The explanation of what was behind his symptoms made so much sense. He had two further sessions on his own a few weeks apart. The turn around was remarkable! I have never believed the stories about quick changes but in this case it was true. This was early in the year, and by the summer, although not back fully in school, he successfully took 5 GCSEs. Then after the summer he completed his first full term back in school since year 8. Symptoms still reoccur from time to time but he understands what they are telling him, and is able to put into practice the ways of thinking Lyn has taught him and take control of the situation. We will be forever grateful we came across Lyn and Reverse Therapy!

I have known Lyn for 4 years, working in the same group as her as well as being one of her clients for Reverse Therapy. Lyn is a very warm, astute, caring professional who is deeply committed to her work and helping people recover. She has great clarity when sharing information, and is always willing to go that extra mile in supporting others. Lyn's great sense of humour and positive outlook are an inspiration to all of us who work with her, and her values and integrity are evident in everything she does. She is challenging and stimulating and keeps herself up to date with latest developments in her work, as well as studying other modalities. I would not hestitate to recommend Lyn in whatever capacity she takes on - therapist, co-worker, friend or cook!!     C.B.

Recovery from Depression and Improvement in MS symptoms

"Everyone should learn how to do this.  My symptoms began to improve immediately.  I have learned how to ask for help when I need it and how to say what I feel about things.  I am no longer taking anti-depressants.  Keep an open mind, a positive attitude and listen to Lyn - she knows her stuff!"


Recovery from CFS/ME

Go for it; even if you don't understand it; it still works.  Immune system and hot flushes take a little longer but still improving. After years of being a prisoner in my own home, I can now go out every day, go for walks and eat what I choose.  It is wonderful. Thank you Lyn.


Lyn has been working as a Reverse therapist for some years now and has excellent success. She is wonderfully supportive, empathetic and patient. It took some time but it really worked for me-thoroughly recommend it!


I was skeptical about reverse therapy at first, but I understood basic psychology and the physical impact that the brain can have on the body. The brain controls all the body’s functions, and if the control mechanism goes wrong – our body goes wrong.

It was because of my background knowledge that I knew the teachings of reverse therapy would be good for my mental wellbeing – which could only be a good thing. I hadn’t made the jump that it could have a large physical impact on my ME/CFS when I started – I was expecting nothing physically because I was conditioned to be a cynic.

My cynicism was not logical as I knew the effect that psychological stress can have physically on the body – throwing all of the body’s symptoms out of kilter. It can have a devastating effect on the body – indeed it can be a killer. This goes to show that our “thought” does not always serve us well. My cynicism didn’t serve me well. My thought patterns ignored what I already knew about the mind body connection, because I’d been taught to be a cynic.

I found Lyn White to be an immensely engaging person, who really cared. It was clear to me that Lyn was not in this for the money. Lyn herself recovered from ME/CFS from reverse therapy so her understanding of what it was really like, both mentally and physically was clear. It would be hard to dislike Lyn White – which really helps when you are so ill.

Lyn taught me to open up – to really understand how all my body’s systems worked and re-connected me to my instincts and emotions. I began to let them guide me. As expected I felt emotionally better, as I didn’t expect I began to feel physically better.

Instinct is another form of intelligence. It is not our rational thought which makes us run away from a burning building. We don’t go through the thought process “what’s that orange hot stuff, that crackling noise… seen it before… yes fire… that’s dangerous... must get away… run… how do I do that… put one foot in front of the other quickly… OK I’m off”. The body performs all these actions instantly – instinctively - saving us vital time, and possibly saving our lives. In reality your body’s instincts are communicating with you all the time, but many of us ignore them, preferring to rely on our brain’s logic functions.

That is not how our bodies were designed. We are living beings with feelings – not robots.

Lyn White gave me back my connection with my instinctive being. In doing so she gave me back my life. If you know how to listen to your instincts and emotions they protect you 24/7. They let you know when there is something wrong and you learn to act on it immediately, so your body has no need to leave your “fight or flight” system switched on in response to those perceived threats. Your fight or flight system wasn’t designed to be left in the “on” position, as I believe mine was left. Your body can only physically sustain that mechanism working for short periods of time; because it makes your muscles constantly work and flex ready for action – and diverts your body’s resources away from your vital systems. In short it produces all the symptoms of ME/CFS – which I had. These are very physical symptoms affecting the body’s systems. It is not imagined, and it is not “all in the mind”. I could barely walk, and sometimes struggled to lift a fork to eat. If you know ME you know that calling it “chronic fatigue” is like calling stomach cancer indigestion. I had horribly debilitating symptoms. For me, I believe reverse therapy was the answer. I hope it is the answer for you.

Reverse therapy helps not only with health issues but also in helping you become more present and to actually deal with difficult situations.


I consider the most important factor in my recovery to be a credible explanation for my symptoms, which I could easily relate to and the realization that I could help myself to be well again, instead of relying on someone else to find a cure or effective treatment.

Some advice for prospective clients:-
Be willing to look at your illness from a different perspective and take a different approach to treatment. Learn to trust your body again and be completely honest with yourself. Trust your therapist and give your full commitment to the process – you will be glad that you did – the results are AMAZING!

After 9 years of ME I thought I would never feel well or be able to do ‘normal’ things again. After reading the book and attending my first therapy session I felt something ‘click’ in my mind and things just fell into place. I started to feel better and make progress from that moment on and I haven’t looked back since. Every little triumph has spurred me on and given me the confidence to progress further. Five months on, I am able to do most of the activities that I had given up because of my ME and also try out some new ones! I feel that I have been given my life back. I have energy again and am planning for the future. Reverse Therapy is different to anything else I have tried before and, believe me, I have tried lots of treatments! It’s not easy to begin with, but I am so glad that I gave it a go and I am amazed at how well it has worked for me.


Before I started being treated I was not convinced, but after hearing Lyn talk to the York ME group I changed my mind and gave it a try. After only 6 sessions I have got back to a stage where I am able to work part-time and get off benefit.  I now feel confident that I will continue to improve and I would recommend Lyn to anyone with ME. I am sure that having had ME herself and therefore understanding how sufferers feel makes her a better therapist.  


Not only has Reverse Therapy rid me of a debilitating illness, it has liberated me.  I am now more fulfilled, happy and honest than I was before the illness. Go for it!


I don’t think I would have recovered from ME/CFS without RT and could have ended up pensioned off at the age of 53. I found my first session of RT had an immediate effect and felt as though a death sentence had been lifted from me. I cannot recommend RT highly enough, and found Lyn to be an excellent practitioner.


This is most definitely the only treatment that has worked for me. I am back at work and enjoying it. I’ve learnt to say no to unreasonable demands and am enjoying life. It would be marvellous if RT could be on the NHS. This illness has cost me a lot over the years, and the money I spent on RT has been well worth it.


I thought I was always going to be ill. Now after Reverse Therapy with Lyn I feel as if I have my life back. I’m really active, go dancing, for long walks and never have to think that I can’t or shouldn’t do something.


I can honestly say that Reverse Therapy has played a huge role in my recovery from PVFS. I must admit I was rather dubious about RT before I commenced the course, however, when I started to put my techniques into action I was surprised how much better I began to feel, within matter of weeks. RT is not a magic potion or pill. It takes commitment and hard work, but if you’re as desperate as I was to get well you will do it!


I have recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using the Reverse Therapy Approach. It has been a life changing experience.


I had suffered from CFS/ME for over 4 years and tried just about everything I could to treat it. Some treatments did temporarily treat the symptoms but RT is the only one to treat the cause. It took me 5 sessions but I felt better even after the first one. I no longer have to go bed to during the day and am able to work 24 hours per week. The dizziness and fatigue (which were my main symptoms) very rarely occur and if they do I know exactly how to deal with them. I really feel I have got my normal life back again after over 4 years of being able to do very little. It was a great help to me that my therapist (Lyn) had been through it all herself and understood what I was going through.

I recommend RT to anyone struggling with fatigue. If you have a positive frame of mind it will work. You must go into the sessions wanting to get better (I know this sounds silly but you have to be determined) and you must follow the therapist's instructions for between the sessions. It is you who will make yourself better, with your therapist's help. Anyone sat reading this and wondering (just like I was 6 months ago) just contact your nearest therapist and that will be your first positive step to recovery.


Stick with it and complete the diary sheets, don’t be too quick to think you have cracked it. This therapy is about learning new habits and new ways of being, it is easy to slip back into old habits. Remember if this happens it is not the therapy that doesn’t work just that you have stopped practicing it and stopped paying attention to your body. This therapy was miraculous for me; after 2 years of being ill and having lots of time off work I couldn’t believe how quickly I started to feel better. I would
recommend this therapy to everyone, it is the best money I could have spent!


I consider the most important factor in my recovery to be a total disregard for CBT and "pacing", a real connection to bodymind's advice, following it and keeping headmind in its place!  Getting and staying in touch with bodymind was vital, trusting the whole processs, and extracating myself from the negative influence of headmind, with its constant insistence that I needed to rest. Adopting balance, fun and variety in my life has really helped turn my life around.


The biggest thing for me is not being scared of it anymore.  Before I'd think "If I go out and do 'whatever' today I know I might not be able to get back home."  Even if I was feeling generally well I knew that in seconds I could feel drained and be stuck somewhere and have all the embarrassment that goes with that. And while I didn't dwell on it too much it was rather scary.  I feel empowered by my new knowledge.  I can't say I won't every be ill again but I'm definitely not scared of it anymore because I know that I have the tools I can use to help myself.  That's an enormous change in my life and possibly the reason why I won't end up being quite that ill ever again.


Stick at it. Believe in what you are doing and it will work for you.


After months of researching my symptoms and becoming increasingly disillusioned with recovery times I would recommend Reverse Therapy to anyone.  Meeting Lyn was a breath of fresh air for me and after one session you realise there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It is agreat feeling getting back to your former self.  Many Thanks.



Recovery from CFS/ME

"I had ME after a severe bout of shingles in Jan 1999 and recovered by the end of 2007. This recovery was due to Reverse Therapy. I had spent lots of money and time previously on various treatments including homeopathy, using a chi machine, infra-red saunas and blood tests and supplements from Dr Myhill. These all made a slight difference but I was still experiencing symptoms. The worst of these were pain, especially in my legs, lack of energy and very poor stamina. At my best I still had to spend 12 hours a day in bed at night and having rests during the day on the bed for a total of 2 hours a day. I could only go out a maximum of once a week and this had to be planned so I could rest before and after.

All the advice I was receiving was that one should not increase activity until there are no symptoms at rest and one should only do about half of what one felt capable of. I felt very frustrated as my mind seemed to feel healthy but my body kept letting me down. I also experienced the worst
symptoms when I tried to rest.

Fortunately I decided to go to a talk by Lyn White on Reverse Therapy at the York ME group. I had never been before and my husband had to take me as I was not well enough to drive. It was the best thing I ever did since having ME. I found that what Lyn said made a lot of sense and the fact that she had recovered from severe ME and also was emphatic that ME was a physical, not psychological illness made me determined to try it. I was very sceptical at first until I met people who had been cured of ME by reverse therapy.

I downloaded the free book from the reverse therapy website. I had 4 sessions, the final one being 'how to stay well'. I could probably have finished after 3 sessions as I was so well.

"I actually started to do more after I read the book and before the 1st session when I started to cut down on rests and instead change my activity. I think the turning point for me was being given permission to listen to my body and do what it wanted to do ie more activity, rather than curtailing activity and making myself rest for fear of relapse. I also put into practice my assertiveness skills more and dealt with things which were causing me stress. I had found this difficult to do when I felt so ill.

After the first session I felt I had been given a new lease of life and I have increased my activity levels ever since. I walked 0.4 miles the afternoon after my first morning session having struggled before to walk a few yards. After the 2nd session I walked a mile and am at almost 2 miles now. I can now manage 2 or 3 walks of a nearly 2 miles each a week and am working up to doing the race 4 life in the summer for cancer research (about 3 miles).

I had NO ill effects from the increased activity, in fact the opposite. I felt great. I felt I was better from ME after 3 sessions. Having been ill for nearly 9 years I have increased physical activities gradually.

It was entirely up to me how many sessions I had and when I stopped. I had 3 sessions a fortnight apart and the final session a month later. The first session was about one and a half hours and the others about an hour but these can be shortened if the client wishes but I was surprised how quickly the time went and by the fact that I didn't feel tired and unable to concentrate. In fact I felt invigorated by the fact that here was someone who had herself been severely ill with ME and recovered and was offering me an end to this debilitating illness.

I wish I had tried it years ago and saved a lot of money and wasted time being ill. I can't recommend it highly enough. Some therapists can do home visits and some do telephone sessions for those who are housebound and not near a therapist. The main website will give information on this.

Christmas 2007 was marvellous. The previous year I had not been well enough to go out but this time I went to a total of 3 nativity plays and 5 carol services and really enjoyed them. For the 1st time I was well enough to go to my daughter's in Derbyshire for the day. We left York just after 7 am and got home about 7 pm. It is 2 hours each way and I actually did some of the driving.

We went to see our grandchildren's school nativity plays, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was wonderful to be able to do that. When our daughters and their families visited for the day (4 adults and 5 children age 3-9) I was able for the first time to prepare and cook food. In the past they have always had to bring their own food.

When ill I had to have loads of rest in the day and loads of sleep so it is wonderful to have so much more time. I have started weekly pilates classes as well and practise it daily. I feel really great, healthy and 'normal' for the first time in 9 years.

I never believed I would be able to use resistance equipment at a gym like I do with the pilates. I am getting rid of my mobility scooter and may get a bike instead. I have been to a couple of art classes which lasted all day and which I really enjoyed and am going to have singing lessons soon and hope to return to line dancing in the near future.

For the first time I am able to plan holidays without the fear I may not be well enough to travel. We are planning a trip 'down south' to visit our extended family and friends which we have never done before since we moved up north so the future is very bright and I am now looking forward to it with confidence.

I do hope my experiences will encourage others to put aside their scepticism and doubts about any therapy which isn't drug-based and give it a try."


Recovery from CFS/ME

"I was introduced to RT by a health professional that I respect and trust, had the recommendation come from anywhere else, I might have been even more cautious than I already was. I was sceptical. Even as I read the testimonials from others I was shouting at the screen “that’s all well and good but they’ll pay for those things later!!” and quietly believing that anyone who had done all those things and not felt the pain afterwards didn’t have the same illness as me. They couldn’t have.

And then I met Lyn and my energy levels increased within 24 hours.

Understanding that my illness was a result of unanswered messages from my body’s watchman, the hypothalamus, I now listen to those messages or symptoms instead of simply resenting them. Realising that my symptoms are not a result of something I did 2-4 days ago, and that doing something *now*, at any given moment, will improve how I feel has been a huge part of letting go of my preconceived ideas about my illness. Once I started acting upon my symptoms in the way shown to me by Lyn, I felt I had more control and was able to reduce or reverse the symptom altogether. What a wonderfully empowering feeling that was.

4 sessions and 3½ months later, I feel like sleeping beauty coming out of a deep, heavy sleep! I am energised, I am having fun, doing things I love, my relationships are so much better, my days are brighter. I value my health and being trapped in the nightmare that was the perpetuating circle of ME symptoms seems almost like a distant bad dream. My family and friends feel it’s miraculous, (partly because I’m doing more chores and grocery shopping than I ever did before I was ill - and loving it I must add!), but it isn’t. Not really. It’s just about understanding the cause of the illness, and taking the right steps to better health at a pace that feels comfortable. It’s not always an easy path but the small steps, symptom messages, RT CD all help along the way.

If there’s a magic wand for CFS/ ME & Fibromyalgia, this is it and Lyn is my Fairy Godmother. It does take commitment and effort and my Fairy Godmother didn’t make me well. But she did show me how to be well and for that I am truly grateful!"



Recovery from Fibromyalgia

"I have had Fibromyalgia for over 25 years. During that time I was a full time nurse in a very busy unit & had a hectic family life.

I couldn’t understand why I had developed severe stabbing pain in my muscles, fatigue, tingling sensations in my head & spine. I also felt as though I had a virus & my immune system was not working properly.
What I also couldn’t understand was why my symptoms decreased when on holiday abroad & increased at busy times such as Christmas etc.

My GP said I had Fibrositis & that there was very little he could do to help, eventually I went to see a Rheumatologist who took several blood tests all of which were normal & told me I had Fibromyalgia & that there was very little he could offer apart from attending a pain clinic & physiotherapy - Fibromyalgia!! What’s that?
I decided to do some research on the internet but all the information I got was from America. However I did find out that there are millions of people with this condition, surely someone would know the answer as to what was causing these symptoms, I got the impression from the medical profession that really it was all in the head, in other words it was a psychological rather than a physical condition, how frustrating & hurtful this makes you feel

Since then I have taken several pills & potions, kept fit by going to the Gym & read numerous books, (all American), attended a Fibromyalgia help group etc, none of which helped. In the end I felt that I had to just get on with it as suggested by my GP, so I did just that, I put on a brave face & got on with everyday painful living. In fact none of my colleagues & most members of my family knew I was unwell, I kept it all to myself & continued to help others as I had always done.

Little did I know that keeping my problem to myself & not asking for help was not doing me any good.
I had finally come to the conclusion that there really was nothing to be done until I read an article in my local newspaper of a nurse Lyn White who had ME & had recovered after having Reverse Therapy & had become a therapist. Could she do anything for me?

During the first session Lyn explained in the most simple & understandable way why we have pain & that an area in the brain called the hypothalamus goes into overdrive if we ignore emotions and symptoms sent by our body to warn us of a difficult situation we need to act upon, & how this can lead to pain, she explained also how important it was to have variety in life including having fun, something I had forgotten about long ago.

Lyn reassured me that Fibromyalgia is a physical illness based on neurological & hormonal changes & not a psychological disorder – Wow, at last I felt I was listening to someone who knew what they were talking about, she answered all my queries as to why I had all these symptoms, including why they disappeared on holiday, it really made sense.

I have completed my sessions with Lyn & although I found Bodymind difficult to understand at first, I stuck with it following all Lyn’s advice. I can honestly say that she has changed my life, I now have the tools to deal with any situation that life throws at me to help keep me keep free from pain, I feel I can now look forward to the future, it was worth every penny.

If anyone in the medical profession reads this then I strongly advise them to read John Eaton’s book. It really does make sense. Most people with CFS/ME & Fibromyalgia are not malingerers, time wasters, hypochondriacs, we need help & thank goodness someone has finally found the answer."       


Suffering Fibromyalgia for over eight years my life was reduced to being an invalid.  Thanks to Reverse Therapy I have started living again.

At sixty I never imagined going to the gym to lose all the weight I had acquired and becoming a "silver surfer". My outlook on life has changed - being happy in myself, at ease and outgoing.  All this due to Reverse Therapy and my practioner Lyn.  Advice - just do it!  Stick with the programme - it works!


"I can't explain in words how happy I'm to say that I truely believe I DON'T have fibromyalgia anymore. I do get symptoms occasionally but I know how to deal with them.  Now I'm fully aware of my body and its needs.  I used to take a variety of painkillers on a regular basis.  Before RT, I tried to go without them but it was impossible.  Once I didn't take painkillers for two days but second day I was begging like an addict.  I couldn't imagine my life without painkillers but now I don't take them at all. Only I know that it's not magic, but RT, something you taught me.

I'm still the same person, helping others, doing good for people who need me, but now I've learned to give proirity to the things the way I should.  I have learned to say NO to unreasonable demands.  I can speak clearly about my feelings. These things were almost impossible without your help.

My life has changed completely from being unhealthy, full of pains and hopelessness to healthy, happy, joyful and hopeful for a brighter future.

During the therapy, I had occasional doubts, whether it would work or not.  But being persistent is the key.  RT is not a magic wand and it will only benefit one who is ready to change and accept what RT has to offer.  Whenever I had any problem I told Lyn honestly and she explained everything to me.  So I think, do trust your therapist and tell her/him all your concerns regarding your recovery.

If you have tried or have been told modern medicine can't help you and you have to live with it, then you must try RT.  You have nothing to loose and your only regret would be not doing it sooner."


Recovery from Anxiety

"I consider the most important factor in my recovery to be learning to focus outside of myself. Give it a try you have nothing to loose and everything to gain."


Recovery from Lupus (SLE) and ME

"It was interesting to learn that you can have control of your body. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, which was a barrier for me because I thought it spelled the end of my life. Reverse Therapy has made me realise this is not the case and I am back at uni living a completely normal life."


Recovery from Depression

"I was suffering from severe depression and Reverse Therapy put in place a plan to bring enjoyment and fun back into my life. After doing voluntary work, I am now at college and hoping to go to university."


Recovery from IBS

"My IBS has gone."


 From the boss!

 "Lyn is a superb practitioner and I have heard numerous glowing reports about her from satisfied clients. She is a sympathetic and engaging communicator with a knack for putting people at their ease. She also has a real affinity for the Reverse Therapy approach.

Those considering whether or not to work with Lyn should go right ahead - she will not disappoint."

Dr John Eaton. Director Reverse Therapy UK