Lyn White Reverse Therapy

"Lyn is one of the best professionals I know. She is an expert therapist as well as a warm, funny, kindly person. If you have a chance to work with Lyn then go for it!"

Dr John Eaton


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Useful Website Links

Below is a list of links related to Reverse Therapy that you may find useful or interesting.

If you would like to exchange links with Lyn, please Contact Lyn.


Dr John Eaton's main Reverse Therapy site - contains more information on Reverse Therapy

Jane Terris - Reverse Therapist based in Surrey

Olaf Berli - Reverse Therapist based in Norway

Kathleen Kettles - Information about Kathleen Kettle's therapies, including Reverse Therapy

Stephan Languth - Reverse Therapist in London

Pampering and massage in Durham  - Jan at Lime House Spa, Raddisson Hotel 

Osteopath in Durham - Sian Greeves at Dunelm Osteopaths

Body,mind and spirit dance class Nia in County Durham with Anne Cosgrove. It's fun!