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Treatment for Phobias

Update 2020 - sorry I am  currently unable to offer EMDR as I am only working online.

The word phobia derives from the Greek phobos meaning fear. A person with a phobia has a compelling fear or dread of a particular object or situation.

Some common phobias are an exaggerated fear of things that many people fear to some extent, such as illness, death, snakes, and heights. Some phobias are fears that inspire no fear in most people; for example, agoraphobia or fear of buttons, frogs or water.

EMDR, a quick and effective treatment for Phobias

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It is sometimes called EMI – Eye Movement Integration.

The EMDR technique uses a natural function of the body, rapid eye movement, or REM, as its basis. The human mind uses REM during sleep time to help it process daily emotional experiences.

Eye movements are used to stimulate the brain’s memory processing system. EMDR dislocates the emotions attached to the memories so that they can be processed.

EMDR has the power to relieve emotional blocks, irrational fears or even worrisome thoughts.

Not all fears are irrational though. Fear is an emotion, which is designed to keep us safe, so some fear, for example of a grizzly bear, is healthy! In that case the fear would be useful to tell us to keep a safe distance and only go where we might find a wild bear in the company of an expert – preferably with a tranquillizer gun! Therefore, in some cases, it would be appropriate to leave the client with some level of fear to enable them to keep themselves safe.

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