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How do you handle your emotions?

Find out by taking our online Bodymind Test

Bodymind Awareness Test



Please answer each question honestly, stating whether you Agree or Disagree with each statement.

All statements must be answered in order to get feedback from the test.

When all statements are answered, please press "Send". An automatic email will be sent to you with your test result.

1. Most people say it is easy to tell how I am feeling Agree Disagree
2. When I am upset, I often don't know why Agree Disagree
3. I can usually sense what emotions other people are having Agree Disagree
4. I find it difficult to put my feelings into words Agree Disagree
5. I prefer to analyse problems rather than work out how I feel about them Agree Disagree
6. I find it easy to tell whether I am angry, scared or just upset Agree Disagree
7. I find it helps to know how I feel about things before making decisions Agree Disagree
8. I often notice uncomfortable feelings in my body and don't know why Agree Disagree
9. I find it difficult to reveal my innermost feelings to others Agree Disagree
10. I can adapt my approach according to the mood of the other person Agree Disagree
11. It is essential to be in touch with your emotions Agree Disagree
12. I very, very rarely cry Agree Disagree
13. I often find myself helping others put their feelings into words Agree Disagree
14. I find it difficult to 'read' other peoples' feelings and intentions Agree Disagree
15. I quickly speak up about my emotions Agree Disagree
16. I sometimes 'blow up' with rage without warning Agree Disagree
17. It is ok to show others that you are scared Agree Disagree
18. I would much rather keep things light-hearted than talk about emotions Agree Disagree
19. I can feel close to someone even when nothing is being said Agree Disagree
20. I find it easy to put my intuitions about people into words Agree Disagree

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This test shows you how aware you are of your Bodymind - the body's natural intelligence. Bodymind is like a cross between your gut instinct and your heart's desire.